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A library for leveraging pyramid infrastructure asynchronously using the new asyncio.

Aiopyramid provides tools for making web applications with Pyramid and asyncio. It will not necessarily make your application run faster. Instead, it gives you some tools and patterns to build an application on asynchronous servers. Bear in mind that you will need to use asynchronous libraries for io where appropriate.

Since this library is built on relatively new technology, it is not intended for production use.

Getting Started

Aiopyramid includes a scaffold that creates a "hello world" application, check it out. The scaffold is designed to work with either gunicorn via a custom worker or uWSGI via the uWSGI asyncio plugin. We will be be using gunicorn and installing aiopyramid along with its defined gunicorn extras for this example:

pip install aiopyramid[gunicorn] gunicorn
pcreate -s aio_starter <project>
cd <project>
pip install -e .
gunicorn --paste development.ini

There is also a websocket scaffold aio_websocket for those who basic tools for setting up a websocket server.


Full documentation for Aiopyramid can be found here.