Mission Control for your projects and teams
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Houston Core

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Mission Control for your projects and teams.

Houston interfaces with your version-control, ticket-tracking, continuous integration, and other systems to stitch together a picture of your projects and teams.

It makes it easy to set up triggers to perform tasks like:

  • Resolving an exception report when a commit that mentions it is deployed
  • Slacking team members when a pull request is labeled or unlabeled
  • Notifying a committer when their commit breaks a test

And it provides a foundation for custom views like dashboards and reports.

Houston is also extensible through Modules like:

  • Houston::Slack, which gives Houston the ability to listen to messages—and respond—via Slack
  • Houston::Alerts, which gives Houston the ability to treat tasks from arbitrary sources as a unified queue
  • Houston::Feedback, which adds a view for quickly importing, tagging, and searching customer feedback
  • Houston::Roadmaps, which adds a view for planning project milestones


To use Houston, you must have

Getting Started

  1. Install houston-core

    gem install houston-core
  2. Generate an instance of Houston

    houston new my-houston
    cd my-houston
  3. Modify config/database.yml to connect to your database (See the Rails Guide for examples)

  4. Set up your database

  5. Start Houston

    bundle exec rails server


Houston is released under the MIT License.