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An image library, created for easy integration for an existing django project.
Very light, built around django generic views.
* Optional PrettyPhoto for image/album show
* Albums
* Tagging support
* South support for upgrades
* Install with pip or easy install (all dependencies will be installed automatically)
* Symlink or copy imagestore/media/imagestore.css to your MEDIA_ROOT (or write youre own style)
* Add imagestore to your INSTALLED_APPS
* Add imagestore.urls to your urls
* Run ./ migrate
* Add jquery and jqueryui load to your template to use tagging autocomplete and/or prettyphoto
* If you want to use prettyPhoto put `prettyPhoto <>`__ to your media directory and include imagestore/prettyphoto.html to your template
If IMAGESTORE_SELF_MANAGE is True (default), all created users will get add/delete/change permissions for Images and Albums. If you don't wish users to create albums or upload images set this property to False.
* Russian
* English
Use `watermarker <>`__ sorl integration to add watermark to your images.