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* Fix misspelling in Swedish translation
* Fix 0005 and 0006 migrations (changes will not affect db, so it's ok if this migrations were already executed)
* Minor fixes.
* Minor fixes.
* PyBBM is now compatible with Django>=1.8,<1.11
* Allow non-moderators to delete their own posts.
* Add setting to enable or disable admin post form.
* Add Swedish translation.
* Use FileField instead of ImageField when pillow is not available to make pillow depencency optional.
* Use staticfiles in all templates.
* Improve permission checking.
* Allow users to subscribe to a forum.
* Add a form to grant users moderator privileges.
* Add notification's emails HTML alternative.
* Add the ability to the user to use their attachments inside their posts to render it as link, image etc.
* Multiple fixes and improvements.
* Fast fix for migrations for Posgres database.
If you already get and applied migrations from 0.17 version (for example on MySQL DB) you can skip new
migrations with ` migrate pybb --fake`
* Topic and post creation wrapped in transaction
* All topic/post/poll related forms can be overrided when custom view inherites pybbm view
* Demo data for example projects
* Using active markup engine when quoting posts via javascript
* Functionality to support disabling default pybbm subscriptions and notifications and
* Fixed sorl.thumbnail/easy_thumbnail compatibility in standard `pybb/avatar.html` template
* Improved example projects
* Removed applying `urlize` filter over html produced by markdown parser
(it doesn't play nicely with html markup as noted in django's docs)
* django 1.8 compatibility
* common django layout for test project
* use mysqlclient package for testing installation with mysql database backend on python 3
* optional enabling "nice urls" for entire forum,
that looks like '<forum prefix>/c/<category slug>/<forum slug>/<topic slug>/'
* Fast fixes
* Django 1.7 compatibility.
* Fixed creating custom profile model of any class defined in settings with right related name to user model.
*Migration note*: If you have workaround for creating profile in your code, you should remove it for
preventing possible dubplicate unique key error on user creating.
* New get_display_name method for profile model used to unification displaying username through forum
* New markup processing. See `markup`
* Make all migrations compatible with custom user model. Break dependency on sorl.thumbnail in migrations
* Compatibility functions moved to module
* Email notifications optimization
* Example_bootstrap projects now based on bootstrap 3
* Fixes and improvements
* Fixed bug when user can vote (or cancel vote) when topic was closed.
* Added `may_vote_in_topic` method to permission handler.
* Fixed blocking user view
* Hot fixes to bbcode transform
* bbcode engine simplified
* Pybbm specific forms moved to views' attributes, added new functions to views to get such forms dynamically.
This makes overriding pybbm forms much easier
* Moving from unmaintained postmarkup package to bbcode project as default bbcode render engine
Changed output html for [code] tag. It will be <code></code> tags instead of <div class="code"></div>.
So you should duplicate styles applied to div.code for code html tag.
* Japanese translation
* Hot fixes for Python 3 support
* Fixes for Chinese translation
* Python 3 support
* Chinese translation
* Two new methods added to permission handler: `may_attach_files` and `may_create_poll`. First method used for
restrict attaching files to post by user. By default it depends on `PYBB_ATTACHMENT_ENABLE` setting.
Second may be used to restrict some users to create/edit polls. By default it always return `True`.
For disabling polls on your forum, just write custom permission handler and return from this method `False`
* Improved javascript functionality: quote selected text, qoute full original message via ajax,
insert nickname in post body. For enabling this functionality you should satisfy `some requirements</javascript>`
in your templates
* Support for nested forums
* `PybbProfile` abstract model moved to `pybb.profiles` module to avoid circular imports when checking models.
* Django 1.6 compatibility
* unblock user functionality added
* Cache anonymous views count for topic and save it in database only when some count reached (100 by default).
This value can be changed by setting `PYBB_ANONYMOUS_VIEWS_CACHE_BUFFER`. Also added custom filter
`pybbm_calc_topic_views` that calc actual views count for topic
* Fix for migration that may fails on clean mysql installation
* Fixed perfomance issue with feed views
* Using custom permissions handler in feed views
* Minor fixes
* Fix for migration that may fails on clean mysql installation (not fixed really, filxed after 0.14.5)
* Make example_thirdparty project bootstrap3 compatible
* Show only available topics (by permission handler) in ForumView
* Fixed MultipleObjectReturned when topic has more than one moderator
* Fixed circular import issue
* Restored views for rendering user's posts and topics and link to that views from profile info page
* Broken hard dependency from EditProfileView and EditProfileForm classes in forum
* Ability for users to cancel their poll vote
* Block user view accepts only POST requests
* If `block_and_delete_messages` passed to request.POST for block user view,
then all user's messages will be deleted
* Hotfix for rendering avatars
* You can add first-unread get parameter to the topic url to provide link to first unread post from topic
* Removed django-mailer, pytils, sorl-thumbnail, south, django-pure-pagination from hard dependencies
* Support Custom User model introduced in django 1.5. Do not forget to define `PYBB_PROFILE_RELATED_NAME`
in settings, if you don't use predefined `pybb.PybbProfile` model See `how to use custom user model
with pybbm</customuser>`
* Dropped support for django 1.3
* Experimental support for python 3
* Removed django-mailer from hard dependencies, you have to manually install it for using it's functionality
* More flexible forms/forms fields rendering in templates
Strongly recommended to check rendering of pybbm forms on your site (edit profile, poll/topic create/edit)
* Additional template for markitup preview
You can override `pybb/_markitup_preview.html` to provide your styling for <code>, <pre> and other markitup tags
* Improved permissions handling see `PYBB_PERMISSION_HANDLER` setting in `settings</settings>`
* Fixed bugs and improved performance
* German translation
* Fixed bug when the answers to poll unexpectedly deleted. Strongly recommendet to update to this version, if using polls subsystem
* Polish translation
* Polls (by Geyser)
* Bootstrap 2 (by nigma and Geyser) (WARNING!! - BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE TEMPLATES)
* Button in templates restyling (by nigma)
* Code cleanup (by nigma)
* Docs touchup
* Fix links to project
* Fix read/unread tracking (by lpetre)
* Support for django 1.4 timezones
* Django 1.4 support (by djw)
* Fix misspellings (by djw)
* Code cleanup
* Add post cleaners
* Changed pybbTimeNode to use get_profile # (thanks Shon)
* Disable admin for 'pybb.Profile' if different AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE is set
* Disable editing of 'user' field in Profile admin
* French translation (thanks Eric)
* Russian translation updated
* CSS file is now build with less
* You can disable default css inclusion in templates with PYBB_DISABLE_CSS settings
and manually include pybb.less file or build pybb.less to your styles.
* Default style and templates revisied, new templates system
is cleaned and fully compatible with twitter bootstrap
Be aware of next changes:
* pagination template moved from `templates/pybb/pagination/` to `templates/pybb`
* pagination template changed from plain links to ul/li list
* breadcrumb now live in separated template and changed from plain links to ul/li list
* `add_post_form.html` template renamed to `post_form.html`
* PYBB_FORUM_PAGE_SIZE default value changed from 10 to 20
* Attachment system now fully worked and ready for usage
* Add anonymous posting (disabled by default)
* Add pre-moderation system (disabled by default)
* Fix category view context
* Add test for category view
* Most views are now class-based
* Tests code cleanup
* Django versions prior 1.3 supported via django-cbv
* django-pure-pagination is now are requirement as a pagination system for class based list views
* Provide inline pagination for topic
* Add read/unread blue/gray indicator (customized via css3)
* Fix migration issue on innodb tables
* Fix permission does not exists issue on first syncdb