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Convo is a tiny conversation tree interface in Node.js

What it do

  • Runs a JSON representation of a conversation tree as a multiple-choice dialog, Adventure Game style
    • check out the examples directory for what the format looks like
    • there's also a macruby script provided (in /script) that will take a hierarchical graph from Omnigraffle and turn it into the correct JSON
    • with convo, adventure game dialog is you!
  • Nothing else

How it run

First install dependencies: npm install

Then pass it a JSON file: node convo examples/dialogue_tree.json

You can then either type you responses out, or enter in the corresponding digit.

Generate your own dialog trees

  • In omnigraffle, make a new doc from the "hierarchical" template.
  • Make sure you have MacRuby installed (it is a Ruby for Scottish people)
  • macruby script/graffle2json
  • the script will pull the data out of the foremost document open in graffle- no file paths required!
  • you'll find your translated JSON file in the convo root dir