Gem used for simple path-based access control.
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Area 51

You won't find E.T. or Alf here. What you will find is a gem that tries to make the act of defining restricted and unrestricted areas of your web app a little easier.

The RDocs are available if you need them.


There are already a lot of gems out there that provide authorization capabilities, but they all (at least the ones I've seen) revolve around model classes. I had a need to authorize users for certain paths, not models. So, I did what any Rubyist would do when I couldn't find one that existed. I scratched my own itch and Area 51 was born.


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  area_51 do
    authorization_trigger("", :unrestricted) do
      restricted_area "^/memers_only"
      unrestricted_area "^/$"

That's pretty much all there is to it. The methods you should be concerned with are authorization_trigger, restricted_area, and unrestricted_area.


Defines a trigger condition that when met, will cause authorization to be performed.

The trigger can be either a String, lambda, or Proc. If a String, it will be eval'd, if a lambda or Proc, it will be called, and anything else will be returned as-is. If the result does not return an explicit true, authorization will not be performed.

The default_access parameter, if provided, must be one of :restricted or :unrestricted. The default is :restricted. This specifies what type of access the undefined areas will have. For example:

authorization_trigger("", :unrestricted) do
  restricted_area "^/memers_only"
  unrestricted_area "^/$"

In this example, if a user tries to access a path that isn't defined above, they will be granted access due to the :unrestricted parameter.

restricted_area and unrestricted_area

These methods tie a path to an authorization trigger. It must be called within an authorization block:

authorization_trigger("current_user.top_secret_clearance?") do
  restricted_area %r{^/top/secret/path}
  unrestricted_area %r{^/all_eyes}

The method argument can be either a String or a Regexp. If a String, it will be converted to a Regexp.

The End