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Easy previews of HTML emails for your Rails app.

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EasyMailPreview is a Rails tool that makes it easy to get previews of your HTML emails in development. It is designed to offer as much power as possible with a minimum of configuration.

Inspired in part by RailsEmailPreview:

Security Note

EasyMailPreview is only intended to be used in development mode. The instructions below tell you how to do that. You really shouldn't run it in any other mode.

If you care about the details: To save you the trouble of having to create factory methods for emails you'd like to preview, EasyMailPreview takes Ruby strings as arguments in HTTP GET requests and eval's them inside of the Rails server. If you were to expose this in a publically available site it would be trivially easy for somebody else to use it to destroy your data. Please don't do that.


Include the Gem in your Gemfile:

gem 'easy_mail_preview'

Specify which mailer classes you'd like to use for previewing in config/initializers/easy_mail_preview:

if Rails.env.development?
  require 'easy_mail_preview'

  EasyMailPreview.setup do |config|
    config.mailers = [
      MessageMailer, LifecycleMailer, ExpirationMailer

Mount the app in config/routes. Important: you should only do this in development mode.

if Rails.env.development?
  mount EasyMailPreview::Engine, :at => 'email_previews'

Start up your Rails server and go to your URL:


That's it! You will be able to select mailer classes, mail methods, and then fill in arguments to pass to the mail method.


Copyright (c) 2012 HowAboutWe. See MIT-LICENSE for further details.

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