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Howar31 Countdown

A pure JavaScript Countdown timer.

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This countdown timer featuring pure client-side implementation with only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thus, the Countdown timer will not store or access any private data of the countdown info.


  • Pure JavaScript, all code running on local client.
  • Sharable countdown link, easy to share or save your countdown event with URL.
  • Neat and clean design with Bootstrap.
  • Responsive Web Design,powered by bootstrap to fit mobile and desktop devices.
  • Open source, this project is hosted on GitHub


  • On the create new page
    • Click "New" on navbar can create a new countdown event.
      • Event Name: Input the title or description of this countdown event.
      • Due Time: Use the datetime picker to select a date and a time. Future or pass timestamp are all acceptable.
    • After finished 2 fields above, the countdown link will automatically generated in "Share this countdown"
      • You can click on the link to select and copy the URL.
      • Or you can click "Countdown Now!" button to go to the webpage of the countdown event you just created.
  • On the countdown page
    • The event name is show on top.
    • The second row showing the event due time and current time.
    • The countdown timer is showing in the middle.
      • Empty date field (0) will be dim.
      • If the due time passed, there will be a "Passed!" mark on the timer.
    • You may click the "Share this countdown" field to select and copy the current timer URL.

Feel free to create issue on GitHub. Any suggestion or bug report are welcome.