My Emacs initialization code and standard scripts I use for client and servers alike.
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babel Using dash's -filter instead of my old one Sep 21, 2016
bin Really!? A spelling mistake? Feb 5, 2016
elisp Removed dependency on IDO and code clean up Aug 5, 2016
server Adding default SSH options Nov 16, 2015
snippets Seems like a useful snippet to match my defaults Sep 9, 2016
templates Make selecting text more obvious Feb 17, 2017
.gitignore Add 'p' snippet Dec 17, 2015 Git hub renders org-mode files directly. Jan 15, 2015
build.el Always changing my .emacs file too often Jan 4, 2016 Moving htmlize and org-plus-contrib to lazy load Dec 31, 2015 Remove redundant functions Aug 16, 2016 Make selecting text more obvious Feb 17, 2017 Remove Hydra Jul 19, 2016 More feeds! Jan 26, 2017 Dunno if I'll get back to playing music through EMMS. Sep 7, 2016 Resolving sporadic problems when closing eshell Nov 27, 2016 Do not tangle any 'sh' code blocks Aug 11, 2015 Kill only the buffer we are viewing Jan 26, 2017 Playing around with connecting org with Habitica Jan 25, 2017 Initial work on editing Java files. Aug 30, 2016 Oh yeah, CoffeeScript and Org-Mode!? Yes, please Apr 19, 2016 Mac and Linux Command key changes Jul 14, 2016 Removing krufty packages Aug 14, 2016 Read the GPG file, of course. Sep 30, 2016 Having function name in modeline off by default Mar 23, 2016 Improved mode line ... useful and pretty Aug 17, 2016 Ooops. Feb 13, 2017 Make sure that Jedi is installed Feb 21, 2017 Running a remote Ruby REPL ... very cool. Aug 30, 2016 Do not tangle any 'sh' code blocks Aug 11, 2015 Removed the obsolete tmux package. Dec 18, 2015 Updating CSS settings Feb 17, 2017 removed redundant config color-identifiers-mode Nov 3, 2016 Using the fucking error correction system Feb 12, 2016 Got profile settings working on Linux and Mac Jan 27, 2015
viminfo Including VIM colorization and configuration. Apr 21, 2013
vimrc Including VIM colorization and configuration. Apr 21, 2013 Moved global variables to profile Dec 19, 2013 Various improvements. Mar 8, 2014 Reorganized my zsh files to be slightly more efficient... and managea… Mar 3, 2013

My Dot Files

I don't know any geek worth his weight in arsenic that doesn't put all of his/her collection of dot files under source code control. By putting this stuff up on Github makes it trivial to share between different computers and share with the world.

What's in this project?

Mostly startup scripts for Emacs and Zsh. If you are interested in how I configure Emacs, start with While the configuration files look like a document, that is the basis for my Emacs Lisp code.

Where is the Code?

My scripts and other dot files usually use blurbs and blippets from multiple sources on these here intertubes, and I find that when I get back around to updating them years ago, I don't always have the background for maintaining any particular blarp.

So I use a literate programming approach based on the Babel Project (which is built on org-mode which, incidently, only runs in Emacs). Each source file is tangled out to the destination in my home directory.

Can I use your files?

You may, as this collection is under a creative commons license. However, you probably don't want to take complete files (or even fork this project), as I have amassed a quite a bit of Lisp code for my environment. Instead, gander through the documented output for the files, and copy and paste anything that you find interesting.