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Emacs EMMS

This file attempts to define the needs I have for streaming music from Emacs at work instead of using iTunes like the good lord intended.

Setup and Installation

To begin, install all the goodness:

# brew install mpg321
# brew install mpg123
brew install mplayer

Load up the system and the players. Including configure to show the current track each time EMMS starts to play a track.

(use-package emms-setup
  (add-hook 'emms-player-started-hook 'emms-show)
  (setq emms-show-format "Playing: %s")

Radio Stations

Perhaps the easiest approach is just to have some radio stations wrapped up in some easy-to-functions, for instance:

(defun play-smooth-jazz ()
  "Start up some nice Jazz"
  (emms-play-streamlist ""))

And then bind it to some key, however, I’m sure I will start picking up a larger and larger collection of radio stations that fit my mood, so I might as well create a prefix for these using my snazzy dazzy define-sequence macro:

(define-sequence 'personal-music-map "<f9> m" 'emms-play-streamlist
  '(("a" "") ;; Ambient
    ("t" "")        ;; Trance
    ("j" "")))       ;; Jazz

Controlling the Music

Stopping should be a bit quicker to hit:

(define-key personal-music-map (kbd "s") 'emms-stop)

Technical Artifacts

Make sure that we can simply require this library.

(provide 'init-emms)

Before you can build this on a new system, make sure that you put the cursor over any of these properties, and hit: C-c C-c