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Mock 'http' objects for testing Express routing functions

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Mock 'http' objects for testing Express routing functions, but could be used for testing any Node.js web server applications that have code that requires mockups of the request and response objects.


Suppose we have the following magical Express incantation:

app.get('/user/:id', mod.aroute);

And we have ourselves a function to answer that call:

var aroute = function( request, response ) { ... };

You can easily test that function with some code like this:

exports['aroute - Simple testing'] = function(test) {
    var request  = httpMocks.createRequest({
        method: 'GET',
        url: '/user/42',
        params: { id: 42 }
    var response = httpMocks.createResponse();

    aroute(request, response);

    var data = JSON.parse( response._getData() );
    test.equal("Bob Dog",;
    test.equal(42, data.age);

    test.equal(200, response.statusCode );
    test.ok( response._isEndCalled());
    test.ok( response._isJSON());
    test.ok( response._isUTF8());


This project is available as a NPM package.

npm install node-mocks-http

After this, just include the following in your test files:

var httpMocks = require('../lib/http-mock');

Design Decisions

We wanted some simple mocks without any larger framework.

We also wanted the mocks to simply act like the original, but allow setting values before calling and inspecting afterwards.

We are looking for more volunteers to value to this project, including the creation of more objects from the HTTP module.

For Developers

Obviously this project doesn't address all features that must be mocked, but it is a start. Feel free to send pull requests, and I promise to be timely in merging them.

After making any changes, please verify your work:

  • npm install -g jshint
  • npm install
  • ./run-tests

Release Notes

Most releases fixes bugs with our mocks or add features similar to the actual Request and Response objects offered by Node.js and extended by Express.

v 1.0.3

  • Merged changes by invernizzie: to address #11

  • Merged changes by ericchaves:

    I extended your library a little but so it could also handle some structured responses. By doing so res.send now evaluate the data passed and search for either a statusCode or httpCode to be used, and also for a body to send as _data.

    It still working as expected (at least tests passed) for regular HTTP responses.

    Although I did it with node-restify in mind, it should work well for all other libs.

v 1.0.2

  • Added a .json() method to the response. (Thanks, diachedelic)
  • Cleaned up all source files so ./run-tests passes.
  • Cleaned up jshint issues.

v 1.0.1

  • Add support for response redirect and render

v 0.0.9

  • Add support for response cookies

v 0.0.8

  • Add support for request headers
  • Fix wrong function name of set cookies

v 0.0.7

  • Add support for request cookies

v 0.0.6

  • Add support for request files

v 0.0.5

  • Fixed a bug where response.send() can take two parameters, the status code and the data to send.

v 0.0.4

  • Added a request.session that can be set during construction (or via calling the _setSessionVariable() method, and read as an object.

v 0.0.3

  • Added a request.query that can be set during construction and read as an object.

v 0.0.2

  • Code refactoring of the Response mock.

v 0.0.1

  • Initial code banged out one late night...
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