A simple, hypermedia-driven bug tracking API
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A simple, hypermedia-driven bug tracking API

Thanks for stopping by!

This repository is a companion to my REST Fundamentals Pluralsight course. That course walked through the very high level principles behind the REST architectural style, and the code in this repository sought to provide a reference. The focus was not, however, to go into any actual construction details.

I'm currently ramping up to start work on a new course which will focus on the more detailed design and implementation decisions that are made as a part of constructing a RESTful service. And as a result, this repository is going to be undergoing some major changes in the next few months.

One change that will happen immediately is that the original .NET source code will be moved into an archive directory and not maintained with the source control going forward. This is because it is still the reference code for the initial Pluralsight course and may help as reference for a .NET developer out there. As the new course eclipses the first one, I may decide to put that code out of its misery and just delete it from the master branch.

All of the new code will be written in NodeJS and hosted on AWS. As I build out the service, I'll provide URLs for the public endpoint as well as a Vagrantfile so that you can run it locally.