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+The grep utility searches any given input files, selecting lines
+that match one or more patterns. By default, a pattern matches an
+input line if the regular expression in the pattern matches the
+input line without its trailing newline. An empty expression matches
+every line. Each input line that matches at least one of the patterns
+is written to the standard output. grep is used for simple patterns
+and basic regular expressions; egrep can handle extended regular
+expressions. fgrep is quicker than both grep and egrep, but can
+only handle fixed patterns (i.e. it does not interpret regular
+expressions). Patterns may consist of one or more lines, allowing
+any of the pattern lines to match a portion of the input. zgrep,
+zegrep, and zfgrep act like grep, egrep, and fgrep, respectively,
+but accept input files compressed with the compress or gzip compression

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