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Async Python 3.6+ web scraping micro-framework based on asyncio.
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Ruia is an async web scraping micro-framework, written with asyncio and aiohttp, aims to make crawling url as convenient as possible.

Write less, run faster:


  • Easy: Declarative programming
  • Fast: Powered by asyncio
  • Extensible: Middlewares and plugins
  • Powerful: JavaScript support


# For Linux & Mac
pip install -U ruia[uvloop]

# For Windows
pip install -U ruia

# New features
pip install git+


  1. Overview
  2. Installation
  3. Define Data Items
  4. Spider Control
  5. Request & Response
  6. Customize Middleware
  7. Write a Plugins


  • Cache for debug, to decreasing request limitation
  • Distributed crawling/scraping


Ruia is still under developing, feel free to open issues and pull requests:

  • Report or fix bugs
  • Require or publish plugins
  • Write or fix documentation
  • Add test cases


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