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Find file Copy path
v0.5.8 b94d950 May 4, 2019
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#!/usr/bin/env python
from inspect import isawaitable
from lxml import etree
from typing import Any
from ruia.exceptions import IgnoreThisItem, InvalidFuncType
from ruia.field import BaseField
from ruia.request import Request
class ItemMeta(type):
Metaclass for an item
def __new__(cls, name, bases, attrs):
__fields = dict({(field_name, attrs.pop(field_name))
for field_name, object in list(attrs.items())
if isinstance(object, BaseField)})
attrs['__fields'] = __fields
new_class = type.__new__(cls, name, bases, attrs)
return new_class
class Item(metaclass=ItemMeta):
Item class for each item
def __init__(self):
self.ignore_item = False
self.results = {}
async def _get_html(cls, html: str = '', url: str = '', **kwargs):
if html or url:
if url:
sem = kwargs.pop('sem', None)
request = Request(url, **kwargs)
if sem:
_, response = await request.fetch_callback(sem=sem)
response = await request.fetch()
html = response.html
return etree.HTML(html)
ValueError("html(url or html_etree) is expected")
async def _parse_html(cls, *, html_etree: etree._Element):
if html_etree is None:
raise ValueError("html_etree is expected")
item_ins = cls()
fields_dict = getattr(item_ins, '__fields', {})
for field_name, field_value in fields_dict.items():
if not field_name.startswith('target_'):
clean_method = getattr(item_ins, f'clean_{field_name}', None)
value = field_value.extract(html_etree=html_etree)
if clean_method is not None and callable(clean_method):
aws_clean_func = clean_method(value)
if isawaitable(aws_clean_func):
value = await aws_clean_func
raise InvalidFuncType(
f'<Item: clean_method must be a coroutine function>'
except IgnoreThisItem:
item_ins.ignore_item = True
setattr(item_ins, field_name, value)
item_ins.results[field_name] = value
return item_ins
async def get_item(cls,
html: str = '',
url: str = '',
html_etree: etree._Element = None,
**kwargs) -> Any:
if html_etree is None:
html_etree = await cls._get_html(html, url, **kwargs)
return await cls._parse_html(html_etree=html_etree)
async def get_items(cls,
html: str = '',
url: str = '',
html_etree: etree._Element = None,
if html_etree is None:
html_etree = await cls._get_html(html, url, **kwargs)
items_field = getattr(cls, '__fields', {}).get('target_item', None)
if items_field:
items_field.many = True
items_html_etree = items_field.extract(
html_etree=html_etree, is_source=True)
if items_html_etree:
for each_html_etree in items_html_etree:
item = await cls._parse_html(html_etree=each_html_etree)
if not item.ignore_item:
yield item
raise ValueError("Get target_item's value error!")
raise ValueError("target_item is expected")
def __repr__(self):
return f"<Item {self.results}>"
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