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#!/usr/bin/env python
import json
from typing import Any, Callable, Optional
from http.cookies import SimpleCookie
from lxml import etree
JSONDecoder = Callable[[str], Any]
class Response(object):
Return a friendly response
def __init__(self,
url: str,
method: str,
encoding: str = '',
html: str = '',
metadata: dict,
headers: dict = None,
status: int = -1,
aws_json: Callable = None,
aws_read: Callable = None,
aws_text: Callable = None):
self._callback_result = None
self._encoding = encoding
self._url = url
self._method = method
self._metadata = metadata
self._html = html
self._index = None
self._cookies = cookies
self._history = history
self._headers = headers
self._status = status
self._ok = self._status == 0 or 200 <= self._status <= 299
self._aws_json = aws_json
self._aws_read = aws_read
self._aws_text = aws_text
def callback_result(self):
return self._callback_result
def callback_result(self, value):
self._callback_result = value
def index(self):
return self._index
def index(self, value):
self._index = value
def ok(self) -> bool:
return self._ok
def ok(self, value: bool):
self._ok = value
def encoding(self):
return self._encoding
def url(self):
return self._url
def method(self):
return self._method
def metadata(self):
return self._metadata
def html(self):
return self._html
def cookies(self) -> dict:
if isinstance(self._cookies, SimpleCookie):
cur_cookies = {}
for key, value in self._cookies.items():
cur_cookies[key] = value.value
return cur_cookies
return self._cookies
def history(self):
return self._history
def headers(self):
return self._headers
def status(self):
return self._status
def html_etree(self):
html_etree = None
if self.html:
html_etree = etree.HTML(self.html)
return html_etree
async def json(self,
encoding: str = None,
content_type: Optional[str] = 'application/json') -> Any:
"""Read and decodes JSON response."""
return await self._aws_json(
encoding=encoding, loads=loads, content_type=content_type)
async def read(self) -> bytes:
"""Read response payload."""
return await self._aws_read()
async def text(self,
encoding: Optional[str] = None,
errors: str = 'strict') -> str:
"""Read response payload and decode."""
return await self._aws_text(encoding=encoding, errors=errors)
def __repr__(self):
return f'<Response url[{self._method}]: {self._url} status:{self._status}>'
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