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h's homemade Motion Control: the Mac app / server


This is the code for a Mac app, written in Swift, that acts as a motion control server. With the appropriate hardware (see below) and with wind in just the right direction, a fully functioning robotic camera motion control system may seem to work. Appearances may be deceptive.

To see it working, watch this:

Firmwares for the various axes:

Blender project coming soon (it's equally horrifying), but until then:


This code contains approximately 7 bugs per line of code. I will not be offering support or help in understanding what the hell is going on beyond what I can get written up for my blog, but I will update this as frequently as life permits. Individual support requests may be met with stoney silence, for which I apologise in advance. It's just too big and complex a project: it relies on not just this app working correctly, but the right hardware wiring up, and the appropriate firmware running on the various microcontrollers involved.

That said, it's my intention to try and tidy this up and document it well enough that the project will be reproducable, in the hope that others may be able to hack together motion control systems without having to re-invent these wheels.


A lot more documentation will come: this is just the first commit to get it all up there - feel free to poke around and laugh at my appalling coding style.


h 17/7/2016


h's mo-co stuff



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