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Tutorial of SDMdata online

Work is still in progress.

Input species name list

Species name list file

Species name list is a txt file which contains species name. Format is one species per line. For example:

Anomaloglossus tepuyensis
Arthroleptis variabilis
Arthroleptis wahlbergii
Atelopus carrikeri
Atelopus andinus
Atelopus oxyrhynchus
Atelopus spumarius
Atelopus pachydermus
Atelopus spurrelli
Austrochaperina basipalmata

User should notice the file encoding. This file must be encoded in ASCII fomat. Special character is not allowed. If it is wrong, please see

Upload to SDMdata

Interface screenshot:

Check species name

Interface screenshot:

User need put the task in queue to execute it. Interface screenshot:

Collect occurrence data

Similar to check species name. Make sure that checking species name job has been done before doing this. Interface screenshot:

Cross check

Similar to others. This an optional choice, user can jump it by "marked as checked". Interface screenshot:

Export data

Interface screenshot: