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A simple little Python script to output today's stalls appearing at Kerb (used to be King's Cross
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kerbside prints out the names of the food stalls appearing today at Kerb King's Cross.

How it works

It's a Python script that simply grabs the Kerb listings using urllib2, uses BeautifulSoup to scrape the relevant data, and spits back the names of the stalls.

Will show you either today's listings, or listings for the rest of the week

How does it look

Like this:

the output of kerb

Simple, huh?


Python, and it's reliant upon BeautifulSoup to parse the HTML … if you see the following error:

ImportError: No module named BeautifulSoup

… then try installing BeautifulSoup:

$ easy_install BeautifulSoup

You may need to use 'sudo' if it won't install

(That's obviously the thing to do for the other modules as well, should they be missing, such as simplejson.)

Should you wish to display the information on your desktop, like me, then (on OS X) you'll be wanting to grab the fantastic GeekTool. Grab it even if you couldn't care less about Kerb. GeekTool is brilliant!


$ mkdir -p ~/bin
$ curl -skL >~/bin/noms
$ chmod +x ~/bin/noms

Make sure ~/bin is in your $PATH - or put the noms script somewhere else on your $PATH.


By default you will see the traders for the current day.

$ noms

By adding an argument of '1' you will see the stalls on each day for the rest of the current week.

$ noms 1

!NEW! If you add the argument '2' then there will be no CLI output, but will instead write the data to JSON format.

$ noms 2

I trigger the command 'noms 1' using GeekTool so that I have the info displaying on my desktop.


visit the Kerbside website to see a mobile friendly page built using the JSON output.


Alex Kilgour :


Kerbside is licensed under the WTFPL license.

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