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#step 1. You need to register a tumblr passport (huh).

#step 2. Find the gear icon at the top of your Tumblr dashboard.

#step 3. Click on the gear icon to access your Account page.

#step 4. Find your blog name on the settings sidebar to the left of the Account page.

#step 5. Click on your blog. Then scroll down and click on "Customize".

#step 6. Click the "Edit HTML" button.

#step 7. Find and highlight the code of your existing theme. Delete it so the box is empty.

#step 8. Copy my theme code. Go back to the code of the theme you chose at the beginning. Highlight and copy it.

#step 9. Paste your new theme code into the empty HTML box you cleared on your Tumblr. Once you've pasted it, click "Update Preview" and "Save."

#step 10. Click 'Appearance' at the top of the page to close the box. Make sure your work is saved and then reload the page.

#step 11. Enjoy it!