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dokuwiki2git converts dokuwiki data directory into a git repository containing the wiki pages, with proper history. Thus, migration to git-backed wiki engines (eg. gollum) becomes easier.


$ dokuwiki2git /path/to/dokuwiki/data

This will create a git repository in gitdir/, containing the whole history of the dokuwiki pages, one commit per change.


Change files (*.changes) under data/meta are read for changelog information of each page. The changelog of all pages is then sorted by date, and a separate commit is created from each changelog entry, with the content taken from data/attic/<pagename>.<timestamp>.txt.gz. The original author name, IP, date and change message become standard parts of the created git commit.

Media files are imported under media/.


NOTE: Media file history is not imported yet. Let me know if you need this. In new DokuWiki:

  • media/<filename>.<ext> contains the latest version
  • media_meta/<filepath>.<ext>.changes contains the changelog
  • media_attic/<filepath>.<timestamp>.<ext> contains the old versions the changelog mentions, except for the last one (which is under media/).


dokuwiki2git is licensed under AGPLv3.


Bugs? Feature requests? Mail the author!