TamperMonkey and GreaseMonkey scripts that adds style and some user friendly functionality to the browser based game Planetarion
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Planetarion style scripts

This script improves the default style in browser based game Planetarion:


  • The add on Tampermonkey if you use a Blink- and WebKit-based Browser like Chrome, Opera Next or Safari.
  • The add on Greasemonkey if you use Firefox.

##What does the script do?##

  • Adding blue color and bold text on active menu items.
  • Setting short titles in browser tabs so you get a good overview of which PA page you have in each tab.
  • Improves the Battle Calculator page with better contrast and remove some unnecessary stats.

##How to install##

  • Activate your monkey script depending on which browser you use.
  • Add a new script and paste the code from planetarion-tm.js (for Chrome/Safari/Opera) or planetarion-gm.js (for Firefox)
  • Go to Planetarion and make use of the new small features :)