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Antiweb (C) Doug Hoyte

Antiweb is a webserver written in Common Lisp, C, and Perl by
Doug Hoyte and Hoytech. For the full manual see:

Antiweb is licensed under the GNU GPL v3. See the file COPYING
for details.

Installation summary:

  CMUCL: lisp -quiet -load build.lisp
  CLISP: clisp -q build.lisp
  ClozureCL: ccl64 -Q -l build.lisp
  SBCL: sbcl --noinform --load build.lisp

  cd bin
  sudo ./

Building hub directory:
  sudo antiweb -skel-hub-dir /var/aw

Optionally edit hub conf file:
  sudo vi /var/aw/hub.conf

Creating worker conf (file *requires* editing):
  sudo antiweb -skel-worker-basic > /var/aw/myworker.conf

Starting hub (might want to add to start-up script):
  sudo antiweb -hub /var/aw

Starting worker (might want to add to start-up script):
  sudo antiweb -worker /var/aw/myworker.conf