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* Bugfix: Launch script's -reopen-log-files switch invoked a non-existent
function and was therefore broken. Thanks to primus for discovering this.
* Bugfix: Antiweb incorrectly sent a 403 forbidden response when serving an
index file from a directory that wasn't world readable. Only a directory
listing from such a directory should be forbidden. Thanks to primus for
the bug report and the initial patch.
4.0BETA18 Aug 10, 2010
* Port: SBCL support.
* Security: Fixed Denial Of Service bug where a request to an AWP file
could cause the worker to exit, interrupting connections being handled
by that worker process.
* Security: Fail-safe checks to ensure we don't apply CGI or regular
file code to a non-regular file. There is other code that prevents this,
but these checks are in case that code changes or is manipulated by
* Change: Current directory path segments like /./ are no longer allowed.
4.0BETA17 Jul 17, 2010
* Bugfix: Don't print error message when closing a connection to an
attached antiweb process with control-D.
* Bugfix: Don't mask/mangle error message output if compiling or
loading a bundled dependency fails during build.
* Bugfix: If the hub process didn't daemonise cleanly, print out a
warning containing the exit status code.
* Bugfix: Work around ClozureCL's broken detsetf implementation which
was breaking the BerkeleyDB support. This work-around can be removed
when/if ClozureCL issue #436 is resolved.
* Change: When launching the hub in -nodaemon mode, the logger process
is also not daemonised.
* Feature: More debugging output in -nodaemon mode.
* Feature: Antiweb now supports user/group setups where the UIDs
and GIDs differ.
* Feature: There is now a script in packager/
that creates .deb packages for easy antiweb deployment. It must be
run from a cloned antiweb git repo.
* Feature: More information on current antiweb installation are
included in -version output.
* Feature: Include Daniel Lowe's local-time library in the bundled/
software collection.
* Feature: Include Hans Hübner's yason library in the bundled/
software collection.
* Feature: New :html compile-time templating functionality for
AWP pages.
* Feature: In addition to the nil block, the AWP handler macros also
now wrap an :aw-handler block around the handlers so handlers can
either (return) or (return-from :aw-handler). This is useful if you
wish to return from inside a loop or other such form that installs
its own nil block.
4.0BETA16 Jan 17, 2010
* Bugfix: Prevent CMUCL from printing annoying Reloaded library
"" message on start-up.
* Feature: antiweb launch script shows usage() when given common
help style arguments like -h or --help.
* Feature: New antiweb launch script command -version which prints the
installed version of antiweb. If an option is passed to -version,
it will also connect to a worker or hub and determine the antiweb
version that process is actually running.
* Feature: awp-form-validation macro for back-end validation of AJAX
forms embedded into AWP pages.
* Feature: Improved output of syslog entries when a worker dies
because of an AWP error.
* Feature: :awp-failure-reaction xconf option to handlers in worker
conf files. This setting controls what happens when an unhandled
exception is raised during a request to an AWP file. Permitted
values are :die, :ignore-and-log-to-syslog, and
* Change: The default value for :awp-failure-reaction used to be
the equivalent of :die. Now it is :ignore-and-log-to-syslog.
* Change: The config file rollback features have been removed. They
were making fine grained error handling more complicated.
* Change: The hub no longer tries to start multiple times if it
can't start initially.
* Change: New macro post-unwind-handler-bind. It is used the same
way as handler-bind, except that the stack will be unwound before
the handlers are executed. This means you cannot restart from
inside the body, but it also guarantees that unwind-protect forms
inside the body will be executed even if the handler terminates
the process. Handler-bind forms in antiweb.lisp that simply call
fatal were changed to reduce the chances of orphaning BDB locks.
4.0BETA15 Sep 12, 2009
* Bugfix: Don't allow already registered worker connection to
register another worker connection.
* Bugfix: Uses volatile sig_atomic_t for variables set inside
signal handlers (currently just time_for_a_reaping).
* Bugfix: Improved confusing log message when a worker requires a
worker cache but none is present.
* Bugfix: Support closures in install-hub-rewrite-host.
* Bugfix: SO_REUSEADDR wasn't being set properly so sometimes the
hub wouldn't restart until you waited for sockets to timeout.
* Change: Logging is now done by a separate logger process
which is connected to the hub. This is so that the hub process
never has to do blocking disk I/O. Furthermore, a compromised
hub process can no longer access previously created log files
because it is now chroot()ed to an empty directory.
* Change: git is now used for version control, not CVS.
* Feature: New warning flags variable for controlling warning
flags passed to gcc when compiling libantiweb.c.
4.0BETA14 Jun 14, 2009
* Bugfix: Sometimes a "Connection: close" header wouldn't be
sent when closing an HTTP connection.
* Bugfix: When the http dispatch function encounters an error
and there are no rollbacks installed, unwind the stack before
calling fatal.
* Bugfix: Worked around CMUCL "double install" annoyance by
modifying system::*global-table* before the image is saved.
* Feature: Major BerkeleyDB enhancements. DBs can now be
concurrently accessed from multiple Antiweb processes.
* Feature: New hub.conf xconf: install-hub-rewrite-host.
This option allows you to install a function in the hub
which routes requests to arbitrary virtual hosts.
* Feature: New worker.conf handler option :handle-all-hosts.
This causes the given handler to handle all virtual hosts
sent to it, even if they were not specified in :hosts.
* Feature: New function aw-fork-and-exec which is a simple
way to run external processes independent of the CGI system.
Zombies are reaped just like with CGI processes.
* Feature: Antiweb version is now displayed in -stats.
* Feature: Passwords are now hashed with 1000 iterations of SHA-1
in order to slow down offline password cracking in the event
that an Antiweb password database is stolen. This change makes
the current Antiweb incompatible with old password databases.
* Change: aw-128-bit-session-id renamed to aw-n-bit-session-id
and now returns lower-case IDs.
4.0BETA13 Feb 21, 2009
* Feature: Naked CGI scripts:
* Bugfix: In awp.lisp use valign=middle, not valign=center.
* Bugfix: Rare race condition that could cause workers to
fail an assertion and exit. Could only reproduce on FreeBSD.
* Bugfix: Send a 403 Forbidden if a directory in the HTML root
isn't readable instead of terminating worker.
4.0BETA12 Jan 13, 2009
* Feature: Optional Etag hashing for hiding inode information
in Etag headers.
* Feature: :accept-x-real-ip option added for handlers in
worker conf. This is so that reverse proxied connections
from a trusted IP can set an X-Real-IP header which will
contain the client's IP for logging purposes.
* Feature: :x-real-ip parameter for get and post handlers
in AWP pages.
* Docs: FAQ entry describing Etag hashing:
* Docs: Example nginx SSL reverse proxy configuration file:
4.0BETA11 Dec 30, 2008
* Port: ClozureCL support.
* Bugfix: ClozureCL sometimes wouldn't display statistics
because it didn't like us passing a "N/A" string to the
~1$ format arg in the stats function.
* Bugfix: The libantiweb shared library is now always compiled
as position independent code (gcc -fPIC).
* Feature: Added aw-bits variable. It is 32 on ILP32 machines
and 64 on LP64 machines (AW supports nothing else).
* Feature: Prints out architecture info detected during build.
* Feature: is now installed as either or, allowing both 32 and
64 bit Antiweb systems to be installed simultaneously.
* Feature: Lisp executable configuration variables added.
Now you can use lisp systems with custom executable names.
* Docs: Updated install docs about new libantiweb file names
and ClozureCL support.
* Docs: Documented local.lisp build configuration feature.
See faq.html#LOCAL-CONFIG.
* Docs: Updated faq.html#MULTIPLE-LISPS. Yes, you can run
some 32 bit processes and some 64 bit processes in the
same Antiweb system.
* Docs: Changed hyperspec links to because's are gone.
4.0BETA10 Dec 20, 2008
* Bug fix: If directory listings were enabled, requests for
CGI files using PATH_INFO would return 404.
* Bug fix: Now handles EINTR errors from open().
* Bug fix: No longer bother checking for EINTR errors
from close(). See the comment in the my_close() function
for details.
* Bug fix: Now handles errors like ECONNABORTED from accept().
* Bug fix: Now handles ECONNRESET from shutdown().
* Bug fix: Fixed rare "perfect storm" bug related to handling
EINTR signals wrong in the event loop.
* Feature: aw-bin-dir and aw-lib-dir are now variables
instead of constants so they can be overridden in
* Feature: aw-mkdir-dash-p lisp wrapper for aw_mkdir_dash_p.
* Feature: Minor header file tweaks for FreeBSD support.
* Docs: Added instructions for the CMUCL "double install"
procedure to the manual. See install.html.
4.0BETA9 Nov 25, 2008
* Bug fix: jsmin.lisp used :overwrite where it should have
used :supersede which could cause corrupted javascript
files to be sent if :jsmin was enabled.
* Bug fix: When using jsmin.lisp, malformed javascript code
(unclosed comments and such) would throw an error and
terminate AW. Malformed javascript files are now sent
* Bug fix: When transfering a connection over a unix socket,
certain buffer sizes would cause an assertion to fail and
AW to terminate.
* Feature: Incorporated improved #>-reader into
bundled/lol.lisp from Martin Dirichs.
* Feature: Javascript code included in the :js-main fields
of AWP files is now minified.
* Feature: There is now a :cssmin option that is similar to
:jsmin. It uses Cal Henderson's CSS minification algorithm.
When :cssmin is enabled, CSS files in your HTML root are
minified, gzip compressed, and stored in the cache. :css
fields of AWP files are always minified.
* Feature: The antiweb Perl launch script now accepts the
option -eval. This option requires an argument. The
argument will be treated as a lisp expression and will
be evaluated by an antiweb lisp image. Once complete,
the lisp image will (quit).
4.0BETA8 Oct 27, 2008
* EAGAIN is always handled and logged.
* with-bdb-checkout API changes:
* Default is now :read-only t (use :write-out t)
* with-bdb-checkout is now a progn form
* :cached is gone
* bdb-get-all serialises keys now
* Added bdb-iterate and bdb-collect
* Can't use symbols in bdb keys now
* with-bdb-transaction no longer auto-checkpoints
* Added MIME type for .deb
* There is now an aw-extra-cflags parameter that can be
setq in local.lisp
* AWP cleaned up. See awp-reserved-options variable for
all the xconf options.
* $ip now holds client's IP in :rewrite phase
* ip can be used in get-handler and post-handler
* Added jsmin.lisp by Ury Marshak to bundled/
* Added :jsmin for automatic javascript minification
* axslogs now include referer and user-agent
4.0BETA7 Sep 29, 2008
* Uses either the kqueue() or epoll() stateful event APIs
in level-triggered mode
* 10,000 inactive keepalive connections consume about 3M
of userspace memory
* Connection sockets are transferred between processes with
sendmsg() for privilege-separated vhosts and SMP support
* Files are mmap()ed to avoid copying file data to userspace
* Vectored IO (aka scatter-gather IO) used everywhere
* Vhosts can be chroot()ed into separate roots
* Compromised vhosts can't intercept log messages created
by other vhosts or steal connections destined to other vhosts
* Every Antiweb process is separately exec()ed (not fork()ed) so
each has its own unique memory randomisation offsets
* Write direction of socket is shutdown() when closing connection
(required for HTTP/1.1 persistent connections)
* Native IPv6 support
* Conditional CGI/1.1 compliance
* CGI processes can be restricted with rlimits
* Directory listings
* Entity tags
* Gzipped encoded content is cached to the filesystem and then
served as static content
* Apache-like regexp-based rewrite module
* Memcached-like memory cache module
* Integrated BerkeleyDB support
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