prog_on_stdin.t hangs on Win32 #1

chorny opened this Issue Jan 8, 2013 · 2 comments

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But only on perl's 5.16.x.. 5.14.x and 5.12.x do not hang.

couldn't exec grep: No such file or directory at lib/App/Unliner/Program/ line 132.
Terminating on signal SIGINT(2)


Thanks for the report. I'm still thinking about how much windows can be supported. I'll try to make the tests pass by skipping things that won't work on windows (like execing grep).




Still not sure what to do about windows. unliner is kind of pointless there unless you have cygwin or such installed so you can actually run commands. I may stub out the few commands that the test-suite depends on. I don't personally care about windows, but this would also account for local versions of unix tools having slight quirks and causing pointless test failures.

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