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1.2.0 2016-12-01
* -i feature which lets you ignore entire files and directories
(Thanks Etienne Bruines)
* -I feature which lets you only process filenames matching
certain patterns.
* Both -i and -I support wildcards
* Specify C99 standard during compile (Thanks ecebuzz)
1.1.0 2016-08-08
* Better error checking for extremely large values to command
line parameters (Thanks Matthew Fernandez)
* Fix some boundary conditions in the range support added
in 1.0.1 (Thanks Justas Lavišius)
* On Linux, support touching/evicting/displaying block devices
directly. This displays the underlying buffer cache, not the
filesystem cache (Thanks to maq123 for the suggestion)
* On Linux, open files with O_NOATIME so that we don't cause
unnecessary disk activity recording access times
(Thanks Mat R.)
* Replaces a stat() call with an fstat() call which is slightly
more efficient.
* Skipped symlinks are no longer included in total file count
* Closes file descriptors after locking memory since there is
no need to keep them open. This makes it less likely you will
hit the RLIMIT_NOFILE when using -l or -L.
* file (Thanks to Artem Sheremet for the idea and
to Vladimir Kotal for Solaris tuning info)
1.0.2 2015-12-04
* Clean-up Makefile and improve its portability.
* Documentation updates.
1.0.1 2015-10-16
* Change default max file size (specified with -m) to
SIZE_MAX instead of 500m. This is 4G on 32-bit systems
and effectively unlimited on 64-bit systems.
(Thanks Erik Garrison)
* -p mode which lets you view/touch/evict/lock ranges of
files instead of just whole files. (Thanks Justas Lavišius)
* Update debian packaging files. (Thanks Luka Blaskovic)
* Fix bug that prevented you from trying to crawl your
entire filesystem from the root.
* Fix to work with glibc 2.20. (Thanks Jim Garrison)
* Fix format string warning when compiling with clang.
(Thanks Mikolaj Golub)
* Cleaner and better Makefile. (Thanks Emmanuel Kasper and
Mikolaj Golub)
* Don't double-count the same file that just happens to have
multiple hard-links to it. (Thanks Carsten Otto)
* Add option to wait for daemon mode to finish mlocking.
(Thanks Kristofer Karlsson)
0.8.0 2012-12-04
* Patch from Marc Brooker: avoid overflowing stack when
allocating array for mincore() output
* Patch from Federico Lucifredi: Avoid ugly NaNs in output
* Full OS X support: msync(2) evicts pages on this system
* HP-UX support from Shane Seymour (thanks!)
* Patch from soarpenguin: detect invalid size formats
* Solaris support for page eviction
* Portability fixes
* First public release