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Hiccup-bridge is a conversion tool between html and the functions which include hiccup vector. This is an experimental project and unreliable.


(defn page [x]
  (if x
    [:p#mypage "Hello"]
    [:p#otherpage "Bye"]))

Above code will be converted like bellow.

<hicv />

<c-- clj="(defn page [x] $1)">
  <c-- clj="(if x $1 $2)">
    <p id="mypage">Hello</p>
    <p id="otherpage">Bye</p>

Generated html are not indented in current version. Indent it manually.
Hicv tag in the head is a little hack for internal parser.
Clojure code are wrapped by c-- tag.


Hiccup function to html

% lein hicv 2html

The functions which include hiccup vector are gathered from source files and converted to html files under "hicv" directory.

% ls -l hicv
-rw-r--r--  1 fatrow  staff   434 10 30 00:37
-rw-r--r--  1 fatrow  staff   895 10 30 00:37

Files are created at each namespace file.

Html to hiccup function

% lein hicv 2hic

Htmls under "hicv" directory are converted to hiccup node and pprinted into terminal.

% lein hicv 2hic 
(defn page [x] (if x [:p#mypage "Hello"] [:p#otherpage "Bye"]))

You can specify files you want to print.

% lein hicv 2hic hicv/ 
(defn page [x] (if x [:p#mypage "Hello"] [:p#otherpage "Bye"]))



% lein plugin install org.clojars.hozumi/hiccup-bridge 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
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