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Jekyll blog with responsive Bootstrap template and assets (cache busting)
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Jekyll Blog with Boostrap template and assets (cache busting)

Hello! This is template for Jekyll (static web site Blog generator) using responsive Bootstrap template and Jekyll-assets (cache busting and compression)

See Live Demo!


Tested on Debian and Ubuntu

Setup for Debian 9.5

Install following packages:

sudo apt-get install git ruby-bundler ruby-dev

Now follow Setup - common instructions

Setup for Ubuntu

These instructions are for Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS for Jekyll 3.1.3:

Install Ruby 2 (Jekyll 3.x requirements) + git for checkout:

sudo apt-get install ruby2.0-dev ruby2.0 git

Install bundler (into /usr/local/bin) via command:

sudo gem2.0 install bundler

Now follow next chapter - Setup - common instructions

Setup - common instructions

Checkout this project - as non-privileged user:

git clone
cd jekyll-bootstrap-assets/

For the 1st time you need to install Jekyll's gems using command:

bundler install

Running Jekyll

  • To Generate static pages suitable for deployment:

    • edit url and assets/cdn in _config.yml - defaults are:
      url: ""
    • and then invoke script to generate pages in _site target directory:
  • To Develop pages dynamically - accesible from localhost only:

  • To Develop pages dynamically - accesible from any remote hosts:
    • change URLs in _config_server_remote.yml to resolve properly to your development server
    • and then run:


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