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gulp-rename is a gulp plugin to rename files easily.


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gulp-rename provides simple file renaming methods.

var rename = require("gulp-rename");

// rename via string
  .pipe(gulp.dest("./dist")); // ./dist/main/text/ciao/

// rename via function
  .pipe(rename(function (path) {
    path.dirname += "/ciao";
    path.basename += "-goodbye";
    path.extname = ".md";
  .pipe(gulp.dest("./dist")); // ./dist/main/text/ciao/

// rename via hash
gulp.src("./src/main/text/hello.txt", { base: process.cwd() })
    dirname: "main/text/ciao",
    basename: "aloha",
    prefix: "bonjour-",
    suffix: "-hola",
    extname: ".md"
  .pipe(gulp.dest("./dist")); // ./dist/main/text/ciao/

See test/rename.spec.js for more examples and test/path-parsing.spec.js for hairy details.


  • dirname is the relative path from the base directory set by gulp.src to the filename.
    • gulp.src() uses glob-stream which sets the base to the parent of the first directory glob (*, **, [], or extglob). dirname is the remaining directories or ./ if none. glob-stream versions >= 3.1.0 (used by gulp >= 3.2.2) accept a base option, which can be used to explicitly set the base.
    • gulp.dest() renames the directories between process.cwd() and dirname (i.e. the base relative to CWD). Use dirname to rename the directories matched by the glob or descendents of the base of option.
  • basename is the filename without the extension like path.basename(filename, path.extname(filename)).
  • extname is the file extension including the '.' like path.extname(filename).
  • when using a function, a second file argument is provided with the whole context and original file value


MIT License