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+## Introduction
+Usually the word "heap" refers to an unordered pile of things, a mess.
+Many times it refers to a _trash heap_, a pile or fill of garbage.
+In computer science, a heap usually refers to two different things:
+- the _memory heap_
+- the _heap_ data structure
+The use of the word "heap" for these is not a coincidence!
+Memory heaps hold dynamically (randomly) allocated memory with no particular order.
+Heap data structures do not maintain sequential order of their content.
+In other words, in some way, they are each a respective mess.
+Furthering the analogy, some programming languages manage the automatic deallocation of memory within a heap with something called a _garbage collector_.
+You may have also heard of _heapsort_.
+This is a sorting algorithm that uses a heap to do all the work.
+## Heap Data Structures
+- binary heaps
+- fibonacci heaps
+_heap-labeled tree_:
+- is a binary tree such that each node _dominates_ key labeling of its children
+- is a _min-heap_ when node dominates with smaller keys
+- is a _max-heap_ when node dominates with larger keys
+### Binary Heaps
+Usually when we talk about heaps we're referring to _binary heaps_.
+- can represent binary trees without using pointers (by using an array)
+ - left child => `2k`
+ - right child => `2k + 1`
+ - parent => `floor(n/2)`
+- cannot be efficiently searched because it is not a BST
+ - we don't know any facts that will improve a linear search
+We can store any binary tree in an array without pointers but:
+- array still requires empty spots for missing nodes
+- methods to save memory make it less flexible
+### Constructing Heaps
+place new in left most spot (n+1)
+check dominance
+if new element dominates parent
+then switch parent with new element
+(note other element should be happy)
+but now old parent may not dominate new children
+so recurse
+Swaps happen between levels, and a tree will have lg(n) levels.
+Since there are n items to be inserted, insertion will take `O(nlogn)`.
+### Extracting the Minimum
+Top of the heap sits in first position of array.
+If popping heap then replace top element whole with right-most (bottom) leaf.
+(Book in unclear here)

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