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now -- What I’m Doing Now
## 2017 -- Quarter 2
## 2017 -- Quarter 3
I started my **new job at Uber** in May. I'm now a backend engineer with the Hourly Rentals team, which supports partners that rent vehicles on an hourly basis to drive for Uber. At least that's what we're doing now -- the future looks _very_ interesting. My focus this quarter is to get situated and become familiar with Uber's vast infrastructure and engineering culture. I also need to acquire expertise in Golang.
The theme this quarter will be _preparedness_. How can I always be prepared, even for the things I never planned for? My focus concerns the discipline and metrics feedback loop -- discipline to commit to dedicated times to do certain things and measure progress. Seems like something we all should be doing already, but when managing multiple personal projects every 30 minutes count. We eat elephants one bite at a time, but we must remember to take those bites. We're either growing or dying.
As a result of my new job **I now live in downtown San Francisco**. I haven't lived in a proper city since Quito about five years ago, so this is a big change. Now that I've settled in I'll take advantage of the summer to explore the town and surrounding areas. I definitely need to buy a thicker wetsuit.
Last quarter's health-related OKRs were a bust (no net change), so I'm trying again this quarter, adjusting for recent changes. There is a 24-hour gym where I live and my employer does a good job with food options. There is also much to explore in the city which means lots of walking -- I've been running some too.
This is an exciting quarter to say the least! HGPA
This quarter will be a true test my resolve. Stay tuned.
_(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, [you should make one]( too.)_

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