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I am a programmer and citizen of the World.
Here's [what I'm doing now](
## Presence
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now -- What I’m Doing Now
## 2017 -- Quarter 1
**I'm looking for a new career challenge.** I left Pivotshare in November wanting a challenge at scale: responsibility, team size, architecture, customers, revenue. I prefer to continue moving into management. I'm currently speaking with public companies and prominent startups in San Francisco and New York City. I expect to begin a new role by Q2.
**I'm trying to drop down to a healthy 165 pounds.** I lost 10 pounds in the second half of last year, mostly through experiments in vegetarianism and low-carb eating. I'm training for maximum strength in February before I leave my gym, and in March I'll focus on calisthenics and cardio before relocating. I may finally return to BJJ in Q2! I'm working on returning to a healthy diet based on my experiments.
**The Starfall Group is almost done with an MVP for a new passive revenue stream.** We will launch it by the end of Q1. We were cash-positive last year and aspire to hit 6-digit revenue this year. 2016 was a very active year and all the founders are excited again.
**I'm still listening to lots of audiobooks.** My focus in Q1 will probably move more towards leadership, management, motivation, and communication. See [Audiobooks](
**I temporarily quit Twitter and Facebook in 2016 Q4** and don't intend to return until sometime in Q2.
**I'm still watching too much anime.** Simulcasts for Q1 include _Demi-chan wa Kataritai_, _Gabriel DropOut_, and _Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon_. I'm also enjoying _Hanasaku Iroha_ (2011) and _Tonari no Seki-kun_ (2014).
_(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, [you should make one]( too.)_

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