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## Installing
`brew install dnsmasq`
## Modifying dnsmasq
Since there are a few ways to install `dnsmasq` we can't assume certain paths.
Find all related files using `find / -iname "dnsmasq" 2>/dev/null`. This may take a while and won't display additional finds in subdirectories.
If already loaded _plist_ then use `launchctl list | grep dnsmasq` to determine name used registered with `launchd`. First number is currnet PID, seconde is current status.
The CLI for `launchctl` has changed in recent versions. The load/unload/start/stop commands are deprecated. `launchctl stop` will still stop a daemon, but will allow it to immediately restart if configured that way. Use it to restart after config change.
_/Library/LaunchDaemons/dev.dnsmasq.plist_ is the configuration of dnsmasq for `launchd`

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