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Concurrency and Parallelism.
## tl;dr
concurrency - dealing with many things at once
parallelism - doing many things at once
- 1:1 -- (kernel-level) each user thread corresponds to a kernel thread
- N:1 (user-level) all user threads correspond to a single kernel thread
- M:N (hybrid)
### C++
### Java
Every java object has its own lock
new Thread(() -> {
### Go
Lighter weight than threads.
Goroutines get multiplexed onto OS threads as needed.
Channels are like unix pipes but they have names and types.
`select` allows you to listen to channels. Like a switch statement.
### Javascript
[Coordinated Concurrency: Reactive (Observables) vs. CSP]( Kyle Simpson. JSLA.
[Bell Labs and CSP Threads]( Russ Cox.
[Higher-level threading interface]( The Python Standard Library.
[Chapter 17. Threads and Locks]( The Java Language Specification. Oracle.
[What is the difference between concurrency and parallelism?]( Quora.
[Concurrency model and Event Loop]( Mozilla Developer Network.
[Concurrency Is Not Parallelism]( Rob Pike.
[Go channels are bad and you should feel bad](

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