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@@ -26,9 +26,37 @@ There are various C functions to read data from a stream:
TIP: Beware of using `scanf` followed by a different function to read a string, as `scanf` will leave the newline in the stream buffer. The following call, e.g. `fgets` will encounter this newline and immediately return. You can use `getchar` to eat this newline first.
-# Python
+### Python
`raw_input` is similar to a `getline` but is only valid in Python 2.
Use `sys.stdout.write` for more control.
Remember to also use `sys.stdout.flush` to ensure buffer is written immediately.
+Some quickies:
+- read an integer on a line: `int(raw_input().strip())`
+- read array of integer from space-separated integers on a line: `map(lambda x: int(x), raw_input().strip().split(' '))`
+`print(",".join(map(str, array)))`
+### Java
+- `System.out` for STDOUT
+- `` for STDIN
+// Read a string and integer from stdin
+Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
+String str =;
+int num = scanner.nextInt();
+// Read until EOF
+Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
+while (scanner.hasNext()) {
+ int a = scanner.nextInt();
+ System.out.println(a);

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