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JavaScript Style
Please see [feross/standard's]( for a general guide of form to follow for javascript. One of the fundamental concepts is the elimination of semicolons but there are some caveats.
Beside that:
- functions and class methods should be in camelCase
- pure functions should be in their own file and have their own unit tests
- named imports should be broken into multiple lines
- files that export classes, static or instantaible, should have filenames UpperCamelCase
- import/includes of classes should be in UpperCamelCase, even if they are not
- do not use `var` anymore (we have `const` and `let`)
- if you're using `let` you may want to reconsider your function design
This is ugly, why the JS folks do not want to improve this potentially awesome expression is beyond me.
const select = (function (x) => {
switch(x) {
case 'A': return 0
case 'B': return 1
default: return 9

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