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Quick Start For HPB Developer

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1. What is HPB?

Before diving into how to create a HPB application, we would like to introduce High Performance Blockchain core chain which can be found here: What is HPB.

2. How do I get access to the HPB source code?

The HPB source code is already available. If you want to view HPB source code, please visit Github.

3. Introduction to HPB node

From the perspective of developers, HPB nodes are divided into the maintenance node in main network running on the BOE board. There are 150 nodes in the first phase, and these nodes involves packaging block check of transaction. The rest are "synchronize nodes", mainly used by developers.

For the majority of developers, running a synchronize node is enough, as they don't need to actually mine any blocks. This article will describe how to set up a developer node.

4. HPB consensus election mechanism?

If you want to delve into HPB code, please read the following article to have a brief understanding of the HPB election consensus mechanism. Description of HPB consensus election mechanism

5. How to maintain HPB high performance nodes?

If you are HP nodes joining in HPB with the need for node installation and maintenance, please read the following articles:

HPB Node Server Security Upate Guide

HPB MainNet User Manual

6. How to connect to the HPB network?

For developers' needs, we have prepared the following articles. You can create a developer node locally in accordance with any of the following documents. The developer nodes do not need a BOE board.

HPB Development Node Setup Guide

How to Build HPB Sync-Nodes quickly by Docker

If you do not wish to setup your own node, you can also use our public node for API requests at

7. How to interact with HPB main network?

8.HPB smart contract?

For ETH framework followed by HPB smart contracts, please refer to this article HPB Dapps and HPB Smart Contract Extended Docfor further information.

9. How to build a HPB private chain

It is very convenient if you want to create a private chain by using HPB codes and develop DAPP on it, we have prepared this article for you.

HPB Private Chain Build Tutorial, please refer it to buld your exclusive development environment.

10.HPB DAPP Case

We would try our best to provide more development cases for reference. The development document is continously composed. Thanks for your patience!

E.g: Java best development practice

E.g: JS best development practice

E.g: Case of Transmission from Ethereum DAPP to HPB blockchain

If you are interested, please join our team and visit our Chinese developer forum or English chat.

11. Wallet development series

Now HPB developers have prepared a series of articles, check out the links below if you are interested:

12. How to join HPB test chain?

The test chain is in deployment. Thanks for your patience!

13.HPB developer bounty system

Now HPB is inviting community developers to join us in order to jointly maintain HPB codes. The developer Bounty system has been released, and you can develop various plugins, such as Ruby SDK, C++ SDK, Remix plugin, etc. It also provides technical support and generous development bonus, please visit HPB Bounty system.

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