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There are two important new test suite features that I'd like to highlight:

  1. The test suite has been completely restructured (#445). There is now a script “ch-test” that manages the tests. It should be much easier to use, is better documented, catches many common problems before starting the main test suite, and is simpler under the hood. The simple command:

    $ ch-test

    should give accurate results on many single-node setups. See the new man page for details, and please let us know your feedback.

  2. Charliecloud no longer offers the option to use an embedded Bats (#553). This removes the need for a Git submodule and simplifies packaging. Most Linux distributions have Bats, and it’s easy to install if not. Note that we have not yet tried the new “Bats-core” fork; success/failure reports are welcome.

What else is new:

  • executables show help if erroneously run without arguments (#503)
  • unprivileged build now works with upstream Buildah 1.11.2 (#497, #568)
  • ch-grow gives better errors if dependencies are missing (#559)
  • Spack packages updated and fixed (#508, #547)
  • ch-builder2squash ...
    • works with all builders, and renamed from ch-docker2squash (#465)
    • now works with Docker images that have a slash in their name (#542)
    • fails fast if output directory is missing (#543)
  • examples ...
    • LAMMPS updated and now tests mpi4py (#564)
    • MPI examples now use UCX 1.6.1 (#518)
  • miscellaneous ...

More details:
Even more details: v0.11...v0.12