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@reidpr reidpr released this
· 286 commits to master since this release
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This version introduces internal code to pull images from a remote repository (#41, #587). skopeo and umoci are no longer required to build images using the fully unprivileged ch-grow builder, which simplifies installation and configuration quite a bit. Currently, only public images on Docker Hub are supported; this will be fixed in the next version (open issue #655).

What else is new:

  • new test to show that Lustre ioctls work normally (#406, #676)
  • ch-test: new option --pedantic for maintainers and Travis (#630)
  • ch-test: works again with no builder installed (#586)
  • ch-test: now warn about version mismatch between components (#617, #656)
  • Vagrantfile: works with new build system (#628)
  • docs: minimum version of Sphinx for build downgraded to 1.2.3 (#565)
  • miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements in:

More details:
Even more details: v0.13...v0.14

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