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@reidpr reidpr released this
· 262 commits to master since this release
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What’s new:

  • ch-grow: accept / in FROM, layer validation bugfix (#709)
  • examples: change Debian 9 images to CentOS 8 (#563)
  • ch-test: default phase removed (#672)
  • ch-test: add --file to run individual Bats files (#607)
  • ch-test: add --pack-fmt to select tarballs or SquashFS (#486)
  • ch-run: don’t crash if getpwuid(3) or getpwgid(3) fail (#649)
  • distribute Autoconf Archive macros we need, removing dependency (#697)
  • shell and Python libraries moved from libexec to lib (#596, #648)
  • ch-fromhost: --cray-mpi should now work on Cray CLE 7 (#682)
  • configure: document user+mount namespaces false negative in chroot (#638)
  • Vagrantfile: rm leftover obsolete build option (#700)
  • miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements in:

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Even more details: v0.14...v0.15

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