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@reidpr reidpr released this 21 Sep 20:35
· 247 commits to master since this release

Two particularly notable changes in this release:

  1. ch-grow now supports multi-stage build (#768), which as always is fully unprivileged. This represents a big step forward in functionality.
  2. ch-grow now has subcommands (#839, #842); what used to be plain ch-grow is now ch-grow build, and ch-tug has become ch-grow pull.

What else is new:

  • ch-run: set $CH_RUNNING to tell processes they are in a container (#827)
  • documentation: web docs now support search (#748)
  • ch-grow:
    • better error handling (#815)
    • don’t print internal image paths by default (#841)
    • accept line continuation in ENV instruction (#848)
  • ch-build: fix Dockerfile on stdin with -b buildah (#850)
  • miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements in:

More details:
Even more details: v0.18...v0.19

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