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@reidpr reidpr released this 20 Oct 17:26
· 258 commits to master since this release

Highlight: This release includes a significant improvement for unprivileged image build (#472, #598). Our internal builder, ch-grow, has always been fully unprivileged, in contrast to the partially-unprivileged “rootless” mode of some competing builders. Because of this, before this release, many Dockerfiles would fail when programs such as package managers tried to use privileged system calls. A workaround is to judiciously add fakeroot(1) to the Dockerfile.

Charliecloud 0.20 automates this, injecting the appropriate commands at build time so that the Dockerfile need not need be altered. You can turn this feature off with ch-grow build --no-fakeroot. Further details are in the ch-grow man page.

What else is new:

  • miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements in:

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Even more details: v0.19...v0.20