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IOR and mdtest
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HPC IO Benchmark Repository Build Status

This repository contains the IOR and mdtest parallel I/O benchmarks. The official IOR/mdtest documention can be found in the docs/ subdirectory or on Read the Docs.


  1. If configure is missing from the top level directory, you probably retrieved this code directly from the repository. Run ./bootstrap to generate the configure script. Alternatively, download an official IOR release which includes the configure script.

  2. Run ./configure. For a full list of configuration options, use ./configure --help.

  3. Run make

  4. Optionally, run make install. The installation prefix can be changed via ./configure --prefix=....


  • Run make check to invoke the unit tests.
  • More comprehensive functionality tests are included in testing/. These scripts will launch IOR and mdtest via MPI.
  • Docker scripts are also provided in testing/docker/ to test various distributions at once.
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