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This folder contains a set of ECL queries that are designed to test the performance of the HPCC system, and allow changes in speed and memory usage to be tracked over time.

To run the regression suite, select the directory of the regression suite engine, and enter the following commands:

./ecl-test --timeout -1 --suiteDir <location-of-the-bundle-directory> setup -t=<cluster> ./ecl-test --timeout -1 --suiteDir <location-of-the-bundle-directory> run -t=<cluster>

Each of the tests in the regression suite is assigned to one or more classes. This allows subsets of the regression tests to be included or excluded for a particular run. Full details of the different classes is included in TestSummary.rst.


./ecl-test --timeout -1 --suiteDir <location-of-the-bundle-directory> run <cluster> --runclass=quick,memory

Currently the last query (summary01) generates a result that when viewed with the new eclwatch produces a table of job v. date giving a summary of the time taken and memory consumed.