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ECL bundles repository

This repository serves as a central list of all known ECL bundles.

Bundles listed here fall into three categories:

Supported bundles
are maintained by the HPCC platform team, and tested against each release.
Approved bundles
are maintained by external contributors, but have passed initial review and testing by the HPCC platform team and thus should be considered stable and safe to use, and should remain compatible across platform versions
Other bundles
are created and maintained by external contributors, and have not been approved by the platform team. Use at your own risk

If you have developed a bundle that you would like to add to any of these lists, create a pull request against this file to add your bundle's repository to the appropriate list.

For more information about how to create an Ecl bundle, see the Ecl Bundle Writer's Guide.

To install a bundle to your development machine, use the ecl command line tool:

ecl bundle install <bundle_url>.git

For complete details, see the Client Tools Manual, available in the download section of

Supported bundles

ML_Core Machine Learning core bundle
PBblas Parallel BLAS support for machine learning
GLM General Linear Model
LearningTrees Random forest classification and regression
LinearRegression Ordinary Least Squares Linear Regression
LogisticRegression Logistic Regression classification
SupportVectorMachines Support Vector Machines
DataPatterns Data profiling tool
PerformanceTesting Performance test suite
Visualizer HPCC Visualizations support

Approved bundles

Bloom Bloom filter support
CellFormatter Format ECL data for display
DataMgmt Generational data mgmt; live ROXIE query updates
MySqlImport Import schemas from MySQL
StringMatch Various string matching algorithms
Trigram Trigram manipulation

Other bundles

FinanceLibrary Commonly used financial operations
PrefixTree Improves Levenshtein edit distance performance
File_Management Manages the promotion of a set of files
Dapper Turns verbose ECL calls into simple verbs
Sassy ECL helper for SAS calls
DataPull Inter-cluster data replication
GPU-Deep-Learning GPU Accelerated Deep Learning


This repository serves as a central list of all known ECL bundles



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