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Contributing to ParTI!

This is the guide aboue contributing to ParTI!.

Language standard

ParTI! mainly follows C99 standard, and must be compatible with GCC 4.9 through 6.2.

CUDA code follows C++03 standard, which is the default of NVCC compiler.

Indentation and format

Feel free to use any indent style, but please respect the original style of an existing file.

Naming convention

C does not have namespace, thus it is important to keep names from conflicting. All ParTI! functions have names starting with spt. Private funcions start with spt_.

Names of functions and types follow PascalCase. Constants and enumerations follow UPPER_CASE. While variables are not restricted to a naming convention.

Error checking

spt_CheckError, spt_CheckOSError, spt_CheckCudaError are used to check for invalid input or environmental exceptions.

Use assert to check for some conditions that should never happen on a production system, such as wrong data produced by other parts of ParTI!. I/O error or invalid data from the outside should not go into this category.

Using const

const provides immutability check, optimizes code, and improves documentation clarity. Correct usage of const against pointers and arrays are required.

Licensing and copyright

Contribution to ParTI! must license the code under LGPL version 3. Put a copyright notice alongside with your name at the top of each file you modify.