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PHP Bindings for HP Cloud

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This package provides PHP OpenStack bindings for the HP Cloud.

You can use this library to:

  • Authenticate your application to the HP Cloud.
  • Interact with Object Storage (aka Swift).
  • Interact with CDN service (Content Delivery Network).

Previously this library could be used to interact with our relational database (DBaaS and MySQL compatible). The API has changed and the bindings do not currently support this feature.

Coming soon:

  • Intect with the Compute (Nova) manager.
  • Interact with other HP Cloud services


  • PHP 5.3
  • An active HPCloud account with the desired services.


  • Enable the cURL extension for full protocol support.

We also have support for using PHP's native HTTP stream wrapper, but it is not as reliable. We recommend cURL.


We have a goal to be as consistent as possible with Semantic Versioning. For released HP Cloud services this is what you can expect. For products in beta expect the included components to be in beta. For example, HP Cloud Relational Database for MySQL (our DBaaS offering) is private beta.


There are currently two methods of installation. We've been considering PEAR and Phar releases, but have currently limited to only Composer and builds because these cover our needs.

Method #1:

Use Composer to download and install the latest version of HPCloud-PHP.

Method #2:

Download a tagged release and include it in your project.


Identity Services

Authenticate, authorize service usage, and retrieve account information.

Object Storage

Store files or other data objects in containers on your HP Cloud object storage instance. Create, modify and delete containers. Manage ACLs. Read, write, and delete objects. Expose objects in your object storage to other services.

With full stream wrapper support, you can use built-in PHP functions like file_get_contents(), fopen(), and stat() for reading and writing files into object storage.


With CDN service enabled, objects in Object Storage can be pushed onto the HP Cloud edge server network.

With this library, manage CDN integration for object storage containers, and manage individual objects. The library allows you to fetch cached objects either from object storage or from the CDN cache.


HPCloud is PSR-0 compliant, which means that it should work with any PSR-0 autoloader. However, it also comes with its own autoloader for apps that don't yet make use of a standard autoloader.

Composer Support

HPCloud-PHP is available as part of the Packagist archive, which means you can use Composer to automatically download, install, and manage revisions to HPCloud-PHP from within your project.

We're big fans of Composer.

More information

HP Cloud is a cloud computing platform that provides many services, inlcuding compute installs, object and block storage, and a host of hosted services.

This library provides access to those services.

The best source of documentation is the official API documentation, which is available at

HPCloud-PHP is maintained by the Developer Experience team at HP Cloud Services.

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