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The Stackato App Store is a feature of Stackato that allows people to install apps directly from their sources. A Stackato Admin can point their Stackato installation at 1 or more "stores". By default, Stackato points to store data in this repo.

A store is just a database of pointers to the source locations of apps, and a little extra meta info needed to install the app.

Adding Apps to the Store

This is a set of instructions for adding an app to the current Stackato store.

On this branch (store)

  • Edit the $VERSION/$NAME.yaml file with your new app info.
    • Be sure to add it in alphabetical order by id.
    • id should be unique, short and lowercase
    • Look at other apps for guidance
  • Make sure your app entry in the yaml points to a valid repo
  • Run make to update the apps.json and apps.jsonp files.