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A Stackato App Store is a server that returns app info as JSON.

In Stackato 1.2 a static JSON file is all you need for this. When stores get very large, an App Store search API may be defined.

This repo contains static YAML files that get turned into static JSON files to be served to the Stackato Management Console (SMC).

The information in any of the .yaml files, should be self explanatory, but this document attempts document it.

This document defines the model of this JSON structure. Annotated YAML is used:

# The Store is a hash with 2 keys: 'store' and 'apps'. 'store' contains
# meta info about the store itself. 'apps' is an array of app hashes:
  title: Human Friendly Title of This App Store
  contact: Email address of App Store Maintainer
  icon: URL of icon for the App Store to display in the SMC
  icons: Base URL of directory for icons. If this exists, 'icon' can be
    just a file name.

# The fields used in each 'app' are all required:
- id: A unique id for app. Should be lowercase alphanumeric (dashes and
    underscores ok).
  name: Human Friendly Name
  desc: Short one-lin description of app
  framework: App framework (perl, python, ruby, etc)
  license: Software License of App
  mem: Memory Requirements in MB
  repo: URL of git repo where the app code resides
  home: Web page (usually github page with #readme) of the doc for the app
  icon: URL of icon for the App
  services: An array of services matching what is specified in the stackato.yml