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A plugin for Elasticsearch as a service on Stackato.
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Elasticsearch Service for Stackato

This is the Stackato plugin to have Elasticsearch as a first-class data service on your own cluster.

This service is based on ActiveState/stackato-echoservice with some additional scripts (e.g for kato and supervisord) and other minor differences (e.g. the Gemfile). The instructions here are for Stackato v3.2.


Log in to the Stackato VM (either a micro cloud or a service node, if you are in a clustered environment) as the stackato user and clone this repository:

$ git clone git:// ~/stackato/services/elasticsearch

After it's been cloned, run the following scripts that are given to you in the scripts/ directory:

$ cd ~/stackato/services/elasticsearch
$ sudo ./scripts/
$ ./scripts/

Installing on a Data-Services Node

When Elasticsearch is installed on a cluster data-services node, two additional steps are needed to bind the service to the core node:

$ for type in elasticsearch_{node,gateway} ; do
    kato config set $type mbus nats://<CORE_IP>:4222
$ scp /s/code/services/elasticsearch/etc/kato/processes/*.yml stackato@<CORE_IP>:/s/etc/kato/processes/

Replacing <CORE_IP> with the IP of your core node.

Verify the service

Once the service has been enabled and started, you'll have to add the client service auth token from the client to allow users to use this service:

$ # from the service node
$ kato config get elasticsearch_gateway token
$ # copy this token
$ exit
λ # now we are on our local 'pyooter
λ stackato create-service-auth-token elasticsearch core --auth-token <token>
λ stackato services

============== Service Plans ================

| Name          | Description                       | Provider | Version | Plan | Details |
| elasticsearch | search and analytics engine       | core     | 0.90.7  | free | free    |
| filesystem    | Persistent filesystem service     | core     | 1.0     | free | free    |
| mysql         | MySQL database service            | core     | 5.5     | free | free    |
| postgresql    | PostgreSQL database service       | core     | 9.1     | free | free    |

λ st create-service elasticsearch
1. free: free
Please select the service plan to enact: 1
Creating new service [elasticsearch-e76e8] ... OK


Please feel free to create any issues or send pull requests to this project.

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